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Eighth Beef Package

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Cow Pool

Gather enough people together to share a steer and everyone saves money! For your organizing efforts, we thank you with a gift package!

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It feels great to support a local farmer directly. And to know where our beef is coming from! Thanks for such a wonderful company that connects urban living and local farming! – Jen J.


I never imagined that beef could be so delicious as well as healthy, not only that you get more beef for less money, it can’t get any better than that. –Michael S.


We recently purchased from the Grass Fed Cattle Company and have been impressed every step of the way. They provided good information on the product, quality/convenient service and pick-up, and we love our beef. –Jamie B.


My husband and I ordered an 1/8 and have loved every bite. The ground beef tastes phenomenal and the roasts fall right off the bone. We will definitely be buying again. Buying in bulk is the only way to go. You always have a meal in your freezer. – Eva T.

The Grass Fed Cattle Co. specializes in raising 100% grass fed beef cattle, on free range, with no added hormones or antibiotics.  When you order with The Grass Fed Cattle Co. you are supporting local, Minnesota and Western Wisconsin family farms.  We offer the quality and quaintness of a small farm to the people of the Twin Cities and surrounding areas through a convenient Edina pick up location.

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