Our Story

We are so excited for the opportunity to serve you and provide you with healthy, grass fed and pastured meat products!

My husband, Jared, and I were both raised on farms in Minnesota and loved that upbringing. We were married in August, 2018 and live on the family farm, Dry Creek Red Angus, where Jared farms with his dad. We produce organic crops, and raise beef cattle. Our goal is to farm in a way that leaves the land in better condition than how we received it, to produce high quality and healthy products, and to generate enough income to provide the opportunity for any member of the family to have the opportunity to work on the farm if they desire.

Over the last several years, Jared has been slowly providing customers with grassfed beef they raise on the farm, but it has been difficult to market on his own. This is where the Grass Fed Cattle Company came into the picture! I have always hoped to find a way to be home on the farm with Jared and his family, especially when we start having kids so we can raise them how we were raised. When we met Marcus and Abby and learned about the business they had built providing products we believe in to customers who understand the value in it, we felt that it was a perfect fit.

Marcus and Abby started Grass Fed Cattle Company because they realized they wanted to know where their meat came from and how it was raised, and they knew other people did too. They set out on a mission to provide people with 100% grass fed beef and pastured pork that customers could connect with - knowing what farm it was raised on, connecting with who raised it and understanding how it was raised. Jared and I have the share the same desire.

Grass Fed Cattle Co provides an opportunity for people in the Twin Cities metro area to purchase high quality, honest, affordable and delicious 100% grass fed beef in bulk – from the farm to your plate with a convenient pick up location in Minneapolis. Grass Fed Cattle Co does all the hard work for you simplifying the process - making it quick, easy and affordable to enjoy a safe and delicious meal, all the while knowing exactly where your meat came from.

We have also recently added pastured pork to our offerings.  Stay tuned – we are ready to offer even more healthy proteins in the near future.