Our Story

About the Grass Fed Cattle Co

A simple meal changed it all for me and my husband, Marcus. The summer of ’08 started like all the rest for us - busy directing a non-profit wilderness camp in the Boundary Waters Wilderness Canoe Area organizing gear, planning routes and meals, etc. However, this summer and this particular lunch atop a hill overlooking the lake made an impression.  Our lunch company was great, the scenery perfect but the plate consisted of plump, tasteless meat that had been purchased in bulk from a big box retail store. With the first bite we looked at each other while the conversation hummed around us and realized simultaneously that something was not right with our food and something had to change. After quite a discussion that evening we concluded that we could no longer could support a system that wasn’t healthy, wasn’t locally grown, wasn’t sustainable and in the end, wasn't tasty. We believed there had to be a way to not only purchase meat in bulk but also support small family farms who grew honest food and who "do it right."  A better way.

Knowing just where our meat came from was goal #1. As we began our quest to find a local family farm who treated their animals well, whose cattle were raised on pasture and weren’t pumped up with hormones or antibiotics, we quickly learned that unless one asks all the "right questions" it is difficult to find a farm that is “doing it right.”  It wasn't enough for us to assume that because the cattle are grown locally that they are 1) 100% grass fed and 2) not spending life on a slab of concrete. We learned this the hard way the first year as we were searching to share a steer with our own family/friends.

Our challenging experience to find pure, 100% grass fed beef led us to dream up and birth the Grass Fed Cattle Co. Our hope was to provide people in the Twin Cities metro area with healthy and tasty meats not only at a great value but also in a convenient way. Our goal was to find the best local family farmers who raised their cattle on pasture, who didn’t use added hormones or antibiotics in their practices and who treated their animals well.  This in turn, provided our customers with healthy, sustainable meat they could trust.

Grass Fed Cattle Co provides an opportunity for people in the Twin Cities metro area to purchase high quality, honest, affordable and delicious 100% grass fed beef in bulk – from the farm to your plate with a convenient pick up location in Minneapolis. Grass Fed Cattle Co does all the hard work for you simplifying the process - making it quick, easy and affordable to enjoy a safe and delicious meal, all the while knowing exactly where your meat came from.

In this past year we have also added pastured pork to our offerings.  Stay tuned – we are ready to offer even more healthy proteins in the near future.