About Grass Fed Cattle Co

Grass Fed Cattle Co specializes in providing sustainable and delicious 100% grass fed beef and pastured pork from local Minnesota and Wisconsin farms to folks in the Twin Cities and surrounding areas.  Our honestly grown beef and pork are raised on wide open pastures by farmers who care about their land, their animals and the food that your family enjoys.

The Grass Fed Cattle Co takes the quality and quaintness of a small farm purchase and translates it to modern times by offering a simple online ordering process and a quick and convenient pick up location in Minneapolis. 

We sell our 100% grass fed beef and pastured pork in small and large quantities offering a little something for everyone.  We offer a unique Cow Pooling opportunity where friends, family and neighbors can band together to purchase a whole steer at an irresistible price.  We look forward to offering other healthy proteins to our customers in the near future, allowing for Grass Fed Cattle Co to be a “one stop shop” for the tastiest local, humanely raised and thoughtfully harvested meats in the Twin Cities.