The Unfortunate Reality of Food Fraud

Have you ever been so sure you were purchasing the "good and real" stuff only to later find out that you were misled? This happened to us eight years ago when we ourselves were searching for locally raised, grass fed beef.   See our story (and learning how the Grass Fed Cattle Co was born).

The Huffington Post wrote about the nine most common offenders.  Unfortunately, grass fed beef is one of them.  

I can assure you that our 100% grass fed beef is 100% grass fed beef.  Our cattle are raised on open pastures, are rotationally grazed and are never given antibiotics or hormones.  We focus on transparency so that our customers know exactly what they are getting and from what family farm.

Often times farmers, stores and companies will use the term "grass fed" loosely to mean that at some point they were fed grass. Be sure to ask the right questions if you are purchasing directly from a farm or find yourself at the butcher shop.  

There is a difference.