Cattle and Skittles

Being Minnesotans, you might have missed this recent story about our neighboring state where the story starts off being about red skittles but ends up being about cattle feed.

Here is the Grass Fed Cattle Co's "never" list:

  1. Grains 

  2. Mature corn silage

  3. Any genetically modified organism

  4. Animalby-products

  5. Fish by-products

  6. Candy 

  7. Potato products

  8. Soy

  9. Distillers grains

Transparency is something we are proud of!  Know that when you purchase beef from the Grass Fed Cattle Co you are getting honest, clean and delicious 100% grass fed beef.  We are honored to do the hard work of finding the best farmers who raise the cattle right (and according to our protocol) so you don't have to worry about things like skittles being fed to your one day steak.