Beef and Broccoli

This healthy beef and broccoli recipe was super simple and tasty too! 

Here's what it looked like from start to finish when we gave this recipe a try but we are thankful A Sweet Pea Chef provided us with an awesome how to video and blog! People often ask us how to use flank steak or sirloin steak and this is how!

The final product was simply delicious and filling for our family!

These are three sirloin steaks from our farm!

We're so glad our freezer is stocked with beef we can pull out and use for family friendly recipes like this one! 

Once we had the beef cut, it was time for the broccoli!

We didn't have any shallot, so we replaced it with white onion. 

Grassfed beef is a great source of protein and beneficial fat. Our beef offers more omega-3 fatty acids than other beef might offer. 

And we put it all together for a delicious dinner!!

Send us your favorite recipes and let us know if you try this one!