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Cows Save the Planet (Part 2)

In part 1 of Cows Save the Planet, we talked about how cattle are producing no more methane than the bison and elk did before we domesticated livestock across the United States. We also talked about how a pasture-based operation uses significantly less fossil fuels, because we are not dependent on machinery for the majority of our feed systems. Click here to read part 1! However, this doesn't address how we can actually improve our environment and reduce the amount of greenhouse gases in our atmosphere. Today we will talk about how pasture can actually suck CO2 and methane from the air and pump it into our soils.  While you may understand photosynthesis, here’s a brief overview before we dive in!...

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Grass Fed Beef: Does it Matter? One Nutritionist’s Perspective

The world of food and nutrition is a hot bed of debate. People often hold their beliefs of what one should eat as tightly as their political or religious views – it is a topic best left out of polite conversation. I don’t think there is any one diet or way of eating that works for all humans all the time, but I do strongly believe that the quality of our food counts. I encourage people to eat whole, minimally processed foods most of the time. And when it comes to beef, I suggest seeking out local grass fed and grass finished sources. 

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Easy Beef Freezer Dinners

Check out these three beef freezer recipes from Linsdey of Nourish Move Love! They are wholesome, kid-friendly and perfect for back-to-school, dinner, maternity leave or weekend trips. Shop our grassfed beef and find other great recipes from Minnesota Beef!

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