Cow Pooling

Gather your family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers to Cow Pool!

Cow Pooling is an excellent way to enjoy high quality, 100% grass fed beef at the greatest value. By sharing a whole beef, everyone takes advantage of our best pricing!

Advantages of Cow Pooling:

Value: Participating in a Cow Pool saves you 25% – 30% over grocery store and co-op pricing.

High Quality: Our 100% grass fed cattle are raised on pasture, are never given added hormones or antibiotics and are dry aged for fourteen days for great taste.

Convenience: You will have a years worth of beef right in your home, individually packaged and frozen fresh.

Support of local farmers: All of your beef will come from the same, small, local, family farm.

How to Cow Pool:

Register with us as a “Cow Pooling Organizer.” Once you are registered as an organizer we will provide you with materials and strategies to promote the Cow Pool to your friends and family.

Cow Pool! Talk to your friends and family about participating in and placing an order for either an Eighth Beef or a Quarter Beef.

Once you have enough committed Cow Poolers to purchase a whole beef, let us know.  Collect check payments from your Cow Pool members and the GFCC will arrange pick-up times with your individual group members.

One more thing! We appreciate your help in being an organizer for a Cow Pool. We understand that it takes time and effort. Because of this, the GFCC would like to offer our Cow Pool organizers a special appreciation gift. Call or e-mail us to learn more about this exciting gift.

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