Meet the Farmers

Farmer Dan

Farmer DanFarmer Dan has been raising his own herd of 100% grass fed registered Angus cattle on green pasture for many years.  The 120-acre farm is located in southern Minnesota and features gently rolling hills and a meandering creek where the cattle enjoy drinking. Farmer Dan is proud that he has been using rotational grazing practices since 1993.  With the trends in agriculture continuing toward large-scale operations, Farmer Dan saw an opportunity opening up in grazing cattle.  “Grazing is experiencing a rebirth as many people forgot how to do it when the emphasis shifted to machinery and chemical use in the 1940’s.” He says raising cattle on pasture “is good for the land, good for the cattle, and good for the people on the land.”  Using this system of easily movable fences and water tanks allows the herd to be shifted to new pasture every three days. The forages on his farm are a highly regulated mixture. Farmer Dan has six children, including one set of twins.  Tending the cattle is a family endeavor.  The kids understand that they are a part of the farm and help with the chores.  A favorite job is to ride with their Dad on the ATV to check on the cattle.  As a family, they can stake their claim to enhancing their own lives and the lives of the animals and land which they tend.

Farmers Steve & Kaela

Farmer SteveSteve & Kaela’s family farm is located in the scenic hills of the Driftless region of SW Wisconsin. Traversed by Harrison Creek, the farm consists of 330 acres of beautiful ridge top and valley land with rich pastures surrounded by forest. Steve and Kaela, together with their young sons Ray and Max, tend their herd of all natural, 100% grass-fed beef cattle. They also produce maple syrup, raise pastured poultry and grow vegetables on the farm. The farm and forest ecosystems support a wide variety of birds, fish and wildlife. Throughout the changing seasons, it is common to see wild turkeys, white tailed deer, brown trout, beavers, bald eagles, great blue herons, sand hill cranes, bobolinks, bluebirds, orioles, pileated woodpeckers, great horned owls, and many other species. The cattle are rotationally grazed from birth in a low stress, clean and healthy environment. In winter, the cattle are fed a mixed legume and grass hay that is produced on the farm. During the growing season, the cows and calves are led into fresh, green paddocks every few days. As they approach maturity, steers are ‘finished’ on lush forage growing in rich valley-bottom fields. Steve & Kaela are proud to carry on the tradition of small family farms practicing ecologically sound land stewardship and humane treatment of animals. They are pleased to be able to provide healthy foods for people who care about what they eat.

Farmers Chuck & Joan

Chuck and Joan have been dairy farming most of their lives together.  They have four wonderful children who will tell you how glad they are that they were able to live and work on the farm.  Growing up that way made them very capable people.  After moving their youngest daughter to college, Chuck and Joan decided that their days of dairy farming were complete and began cross breeding Herford and Black Angus breeds of beef cattle. Their delightful farm is located near Hudson, Wisconsin and has 200 acres of rolling land mixed with pasture and stands of wood.  Their pasture and hay is a mixture of grass, clover and alfalfa.  They learned about the negative affects corn has on cattle and people, then decided to feed their beef cattle only pasture with homegrown hay and balage in the winter. Chuck and Joan have not fed their cattle any corn or grain, and are very proud of the 100% grass fed beef that they produce. The beef is very lean, tender, and delicious. They are very proud to be able to farm their land and produce good and healthy beef for themselves and others to enjoy.