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How much space will I need in my freezer?
Eighth Beef Package: 2 cubic feet.
Quarter Beef Package: 3.5 cubic feet.
CSA Package: One cubic feet. This will take roughly half of a standard refrigerator freezer.
Five cubic foot freezers are sold at Sam’s Club, Best Buy, and Sears. The cost about $160.

When can I expect my beef to be ready?
We have beef ready throughout the year. When you order your portion, we will communicate with you to arrange a specific pick-up date.

How do I prepare grass fed beef?
The most important thing to know is not to overcook your beef. Prepare your beef at lower temperatures for longer periods of time. This beef is best for medium cooking. If you like well-done meat, then cook your grass fed beef at a very low temperature in a sauce or liquid to add moisture. The second tip is to tenderize the beef with a meat cleaver.

How can I compare the GFCC price with that of others?
Our market research finds that GFCC prices are between 20% and 25% off what you would pay in co-ops and grocery stores, and more than 30% less than on-line shops.

Is this USDA certified organic beef?
This certification “Organic” means that livestock wasn’t treated with hormones or antibiotics and was fed a pesticide-free diet. All of our farmers adhere to organic standards and go so far as to say they are “beyond organic.”

How and what do you feed during winter? What is it fed during the finishing time?
All of our cattle are only fed grass (and mothers milk) throughout their entire life. In the winter they are fed combination’s of hay, balage, or silage consisting of ryegrasses, orchardgrass, fescues, native warm-seasons, alfalfa, clovers, chicory, etc.

How is it processed?
GFCC uses a USDA-approved small, family owned and operated processing facility named Lorentz Meats in Canon Falls, MN. Lorentz specializes in a customized, stress-free processing method for each animal. The beef is fresh frozen into vacuum-sealed packages (one to three pounds).

What is the fat content of your ground beef?
The fats in grass fed beef are where the healthy acids are stored. Our beefs fat ranges between 10% – 15%.

Where do I pick up the beef?
We are located on 50th & France Avenue in Edina (3939 W 50th St., Edina, MN 55424). When you arrive at your scheduled pick-up time please park in the Lund’s parking lot near the Starbucks and call 612-581-7787. At that time the GFCC will bring your package out to your car and load it for you.

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Do you ship the beef?
We will ship our beef; however, the beef may no longer be “local” as the GFCC defines it (within 150 miles of where it is eaten). Shipping costs are the customers responsibility.

Do the GFCC farmers practice rotational grazing?
Yes, all of the GFCC farmers rotationally graze the cattle. It is good for the cattle, the feed, and the land.

What about genetically modified grasses – and are the cattle fed any soy?
Our cattle are not fed any genetically modified grasses or soy.
Here is a list of grasses include in our feeding protocol: ryegrasses, orchardgrass, fescues, native warm-seasons. Also, legumes/forbs (Non-Rodeo Roundup alfalfa, clovers, chicory, trefoil, beets, dandelions).

What is prohibited from the diet are: grains (except flax seed), mature corn silage, any genetically modified organism, animal by-products, fish by-products, candy, potato products, soy, and distillers grains.

Do we price our beef on actual take home weight or hanging weight?
We figure per pound pricing both ways for your convenience. These prices are located on the order page.

What breeds of cattle do you use?
We use British breeds. The beef that we have available at this time are Black Angus and Galloway.

Is the beef aged?
Our beef is dry aged for fourteen days.

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