Cow Pooling

Share a steer with family, friends, neighbors and/or co-workers. Best pricing and fun!

Cow Pooling Basics:

Send us an email at to sign up to organize your very own Cow Pool. (We will send you some tools for success.)

Talk to your friends, co-workers, family members and/or neighbors about Cow Pooling (you will need between 4 – 8 people to Cow Pool – a total of 8/8th’s)

Reserve your steer by emailing or calling

Email us each Cow Pool Participants name, email, phone and order amount (we will reach out to them via email to schedule their pick up date/time)

Collect checks from your Cow Pool Participants

Schedule your pick up date and time to pick up your portion

Bring the Cow Pool check payment(s) to your pick up

Did we mention there is an organizer gift (email for details)?  


Current Pricing (please email for current pricing):

  • Whole Steer –  approx. $9.11/lb. take home weight (includes processing)
  • 1/8th (approx. 47- 50 lbs – always a $20 savings off our standard 1/8th package) 
  • 1/4 (approx. 94 – 100 lbs – always a $20 savings off our standard 1/4 package)