About Us

Abby and MarcusA few years ago, my wife Abby and I sat down to a nice meal with the staff at the Boundary Waters Experience, which is the camp ministry that we direct.  The scenery was good, the company was great, and this particular meal was going to change how we would eat. Being a camp that has to feed large groups of people, relying on economies of scale is important to our budget.  Although we were never proud of it, we did the majority of our food purchasing from the large box store that sells in bulk.  It made complete sense financially. Lunch that day was a staff favorite – meat. As we were eating, I caught a strange look on Abby’s face. My guess is that it was the same one that I had on my face. This meat didn’t seem right. It was fatty, didn’t taste like anything, felt wrong and was not a healthy choice. Abby and I both set our food down, and were done. We decided that we weren’t going to serve this meat to our staff for the rest of the summer, so we decided to take it out on our friends and guests instead! The next day many people were visiting the camp for the 4th of July. We put all of the meat we had on the grill and served it up. All gone – all done. We wouldn’t eat meat again for some time. We were not vegetarians, and certainly didn’t have any ethical issues with consuming beef. It just didn’t seem good, healthy, or tasty to us.That fall we were able to team up with some friends and go in together on buying a whole beef from a local farmer.  Because we were getting the beef directly from the farmer we assumed that the animal was raised on pasture.  We felt better about buying locally, but we were shocked to later find out that the animal was confined and raised on grain when we began asking more about the farm. Marcus and a farmer That experience of naivety on our part propelled us to search for the beef that we were looking for: local, 100% grass fed, pastured raised, without antibiotics or added hormones.  As we spoke about the beef to friends and family we realized that many people were interested in a healthy beef product and they wanted to know how to be a part of it.  This was the inspiration for the Grass Fed Cattle Co.The Grass Fed Cattle Co. was created to economically provide the highest quality, safe, and responsible beef to people living in Minneapolis and St. Paul.   We are confident that our beef is a healthy product, offering great omega-3 fatty acids, CLA’s, which are known to prevent cancer, also adding vitamin A and E to our diets.  We serve this to our family, our friends, and to the folks that come to our camp.  We know that you will be pleased to serve it to your loved ones as well.